Proper Granite Care

In case you didn’t already know, granite is quite expensive, and any granite owner will want to make sure to make their granite last as long as possible. There are different tips and tricks to ensure that your granite doesn’t crack or chip and ways of fixing granite in case it has already cracked or chipped. Let’s get right into ways of taking proper care of your granite

1.Wiping often

It is imperative to ensure that you are frequently wiping down your granite. All it takes is a warm wet cloth to remove any dust, food crumbs, debris, etc. While it may not seem obvious how food crumbs or dust can chip or crack your granite, it is certainly possible in the long run. Dirt building up on your granite can harm the look and durability of the rock and can later lead to chips in your granite, which you will want to avoid.

2.Refraining from using harsh chemicals

You may be asking yourself how your usual cleaning sprays that you use on the rest of your house and kitchen could be so bad for your countertop, and that is a valid question. Granite is sold already sealed with a protective cover to avoid easy cracks and chips. However, all it takes for your cleaning products to ruin your countertop is a small hole or crack in the protective layer, and the rock itself will absorb the liquid. This can eventually lead to damage and wearing your precious granite. Instead of using such products, all you need is a warm wet cloth and perhaps a bit of dish soap from time to time, and your granite will stay clean and stylish as a result.

3. Applying an extra layer of protective seal

As mentioned previously, granite is sold pre-sealed. While, in most cases, the original seal is enough to avoid chipping and cracking of your high-end granite, some owners like to be very sure of that by applying an additional layer of sealant to their countertops. Such sealing products are sold for a reasonable price such as the TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector, which is sold for $20 on Amazon. It is recommended to apply this sealer to your counter every 3 to 6 months for the best results.

While it is suggested to apply it every 3 to 6 months, there is a test that will help you decide if it is time to apply your sealer or not. You will need nothing more than a clock and a quarter cup of water. Start by pouring the water on your granite and note the current time. You must then wait and see when your granite starts to darken. Should it take longer than 30 minutes for the granite to darken, there is no need to apply your sealer. Contrarily, if the granite turns dark within 30 minutes, it is recommended that you apply another layer of seal to your countertop.

Answering your granite questions

Will my granite burn?

Granite is a very strong and durable rock. You can place a steaming pot on your granite without having to worry about your granite burning or melting. Granite is so durable that it will not burn unless it hits a temperature of above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you manage to get it to that temperature, you are doing something wrong.

Does granite get scratches?

While it is tough to scratch granite, it is possible in some instances. The most common cause of granite scratches is during the installation. Granite can get scratched by other pieces of granite should they hit each other. When moving your granite, be sure to use proper boxing and avoids contact with other objects to keep your granite shining.

Does granite stain?

With granite being one of the best, if not the best countertop choice, it is very resistant to burning, scratching as well as stains. Again, this does not mean that it is not possible to stain your granite. Wine and juice are the leading causes of stains on granite. However, even water can cause discoloration of your granite. Be sure to wipe any spills immediately when they happen and do not allow time for the liquid to soak into your seal or rock itself.

Repairing granite damage

So, you were too late, and there is already damage to your granite. It’s alright, to comfort you, let me inform you that most if not all granite dealers are experienced and knowledgeable of granite repair as well. Let’s go over some of the damages your granite may be facing and the best solutions to fix your countertop!


Stains can normally be avoided by having a proper protective seal layer on your granite. However, if your granite has been stained, the best way to remove it is by soaking some paper towel in bleach for a few seconds then placing that paper towel over the stain on your granite. By doing this, the bleach should remove your stain from your granite countertop.

To remember: Using chemicals such as bleach is not ideal for granite! You should only use this for stains; however, for regular cleaning, it is not needed and can damage your counter.


If your counter has major cracks, it may be too late to fix it yourself. Additionally, it is very difficult to crack your granite during normal use. In most cases, granite cracks occur during transportation, installation, or manufacturing. Installing your granite countertop can be difficult and is certainly not a one-person job. Some experienced professionals do such installations for a living, and calling them before making any movements to your granite is the best way to go. In case you seriously do not want to call an experienced team and want to risk installing granite on your own, you should have a group of people and move slowly during the entire process. Never attempt to install this alone and beware of your surroundings when doing it.

What are the best granite seals?

If you want to make sure that your granite is safe from damage, you should consider applying a new layer of the protective seal to your counter. Below are the best seals to use on your granite on the market. However, you should be conscious of the downsides of each product.

TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

TriNova’s Granite Protector is undoubtedly one of the best on Amazon. The product has more than 2000 positive reviews and is getting new ones every day! Granite owners from around the world are satisfied with the result of this product. This sealer will also add a new layer of shine and glow to your granite to make it look new again.


– Affordable

– Great reviews

– Sold in 18oz


– Reports of water leaking through even with this seal applied

Granite Gold Sealer

The Granite Gold version of this product is also an excellent choice for granite owners. This product is designed for more than just granite and works perfectly on marble and travertine, as well as many other types of rock. This seal spray helps protect your counter from stains and cracks, similar to a cellphone screen protector.


– Very easy to apply

– Reasonably priced

– Sold in 24oz


– Reports of needing several applications of this product before seeing results

Stone Care International Granite Sealer

At last, the Stone Care International rock protector is also created to protect several types of rocks. Similar to Granite Gold’s product, this sealer works on granite, quartz, marble, limestone, slate, and grout and will help avoid liquid from leaking through and damaging your rock by leaving stains. Additionally, this helps in case of cracks and chips as the sealer will crack rather than the rock itself, and the sealer is very easy to reapply if needed.


– Cheap

– Sold in 24oz

– Works on many rocks


– Reports of short-term results. After a few weeks, the problems persist

Now that you are a knowledgeable granite owner or potential owner, you know everything you need to know about the proper maintenance of your granite, ways to fix any existing damage, and the best granite sealing products on Amazon. While this guide may seem like granite has many problems, it is, in fact, what most rock professionals consider the best rock choice for countertops. It is a very durable rock that does most of the protection work itself alongside the sealer it comes with. If you are looking for new granite, it comes in so many colors, and there is certainly something out there for everyone! Have a look and get your new granite installed soon! Enjoy the look and durability of this luxury stone right at the comfort of your house.